<a href="http://musicalmusings.themindofgame.com/2014/02/hisoundaudio-e212-paa1pro-review-middle-ground/"><b>HiSoundAudio E212 and PAA-1Pro Review – Middle Ground</b></a><p>First, I’d like to thank the folks at HiSoundAudio for sending me samples of the E212 and PAA-1Pro for review. Up for review are two of HiSoundAudio’s budget offerings, the</p> <a href="http://musicalmusings.themindofgame.com/2013/09/hifiman-re600-review/"><b>HiFiMan RE-600 Review – The Lap of Luxury</b></a><p>Thanks to the folks at HiFiMan for sending me a sample of their latest IEM to review. Well, let’s get right to it. This is HiFiMan’s in ear monitor flagship,</p> <a href="http://musicalmusings.themindofgame.com/2013/08/amplifier-part-6-nuforce-mmp/"><b>Amplifier Round Up Part 6 – NuForce MMP</b></a><p>NuForce is certainly no stranger to the amplifier market, having released a number of amplifiers and DACs at various price ranges but this, the MMP (Mobile Music Pump), is NuForce’s</p> <a href="http://musicalmusings.themindofgame.com/2013/08/audiofly-af45m-review/"><b>Audiofly AF45M Review – Thunder from Down Under</b></a><p>First, I’d like to thank the folks at Audiofly for sending me a set of the AF45M for review. Up for review today is the AF45M, a midlevel IEM from</p> <a href="http://musicalmusings.themindofgame.com/2013/08/nuforce-ne700m-review/"><b>NuForce NE-700M Review- New and Improved</b></a><p>First, I’d like to thank the folks at NuForce for providing a sample of the revised NE-700M earphones for review. NuForce is a company I first came into contact with</p> <a href="http://musicalmusings.themindofgame.com/2013/08/muse-pd1-review/"><b>Amplifier Round Up Part 5 – MUSE PD1+</b></a><p>First, I’d like to thank the folks at Mingo-HMW for the review sample. In part five of my Amplifier Round Up series, we have the MUSE PD1+, a feature rich</p> <a href="http://musicalmusings.themindofgame.com/2013/08/amplifier-round-up-part-4-jds-labs-c5/"><b>Amplifier Round Up Part 4 – JDS Labs C5</b></a><p>First, I’d like to thank John Seaber at JDS Labs for the C5 review sample. Up next in part 4 of my amplifier round up series is the JDS Labs</p>