<a href="http://musicalmusings.themindofgame.com/2014/09/narmoo-s1-review/"><b>Narmoo S1 Review</b></a><p>First, I’d like to thank the folks at Narmoo for sending me a sample of the S1 for review. Accessories: The Narmoo S1 comes packaged in the same large and</p> <a href="http://musicalmusings.themindofgame.com/2014/08/jts-ue-4000-ue-6000/"><b>Just the Sound – Ultimate Ears UE 4000 and UE 6000</b></a><p>Sometimes, when I sit down to write a review, I don’t much feel like covering the extraneous details like the design, included accessories and all that other stuff. So, sometimes</p> <a href="http://musicalmusings.themindofgame.com/2014/08/jds-labs-c5d-review/"><b>JDS Labs C5D Review – Your Best Friend On-The-Go</b></a><p>I’d like to thank John Seaber and the folks at JDS Labs for the C5D loaner unit. Accessories The C5D ships with a 1.5 foot USB mini-B cable, a set</p> <a href="http://musicalmusings.themindofgame.com/2014/08/dasetn-mc5-review/"><b>Dasetn MC5 Review – New Kid</b></a><p>First, I’d like to thank eBay seller little_yy219 for the review sample. Up for review today is the MC5, a new earbud from Dasetn, a smaller name in the world</p> <a href="http://musicalmusings.themindofgame.com/2014/07/denon-ahd400-review-urbanites/"><b>Denon AH-D400 Review – Urbanites</b></a><p>Somewhere around 2012, following the departure from longtime OEM Foster, Denon found itself in the tricky position of having to rebuild its headphone line from the ashes of its well-received</p> <a href="http://musicalmusings.themindofgame.com/2014/07/xbox-one-stereo-headset-review/"><b>Xbox One Stereo Headset and Adapter Review</b></a><p>When the Playstation 4 launched, its DualShock 4 controller featuring a built in 3.5mm headset jack, it ushered in a new era for users of high end headphones, able to</p> <a href="http://musicalmusings.themindofgame.com/2014/06/narmoo-r1m-review/"><b>Narmoo R1M Review</b></a><p>First, I’d like to thank the folks at Narmoo for providing a sample of their R1M earphones for review. In recent years, the IEM market has sort of exploded, seeing</p>