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Today, I received a new shipment of review samples from both Woodees and MEElectronics, which I’ll be reviewing in the near future. Since this was a much bigger group of samples than I am accustomed to receiving in a single day, I figured I’d share a few pictures of the IEMs I’ve received and a few initial thoughts. First up are two IEMs from the folks at Woodees.

Recently, Woodees added a few new models to their lineup of in ear monitors in the form of the Sport series and the “Vintage” and “Blues” models. I received a pair of IESW201B Sport IEMs and a pair of IESW100L “Blues” IEMs for evaluation. The Sport models are designed for active listening and feature smaller housings with angled nozzles for ease of insertion when worn either straight down or over the ear. To add to their ease of use for active listeners, Woodees also includes a pair of detachable ear-hooks, which is a nice touch. The “Blues” IEMs are higher end in design and features a three button remote for use with newer iDevices and can be used to send and receive calls on most newer smartphones as well. Both feature great sound quality based on initial listening but I’ll reserve judgment on them until after they’ve had a chance to burn in properly.

Next up is a nicely sized box of MEElectronics items from their 2011 product refresh, nine in total. The full rundown will follow below.

From the new Clarity series:

  • A151
  • CC51P
  • CW31
  • CX21P

From the expanded “M” Series:

  • M31
  • M21
  • M16

And the sole “Sound Preference” model, the SP51, which features a tunable sound signature.

In addition, I also received MEElectronics’ first portable headphone, the HT-21, which is pictured below.

I’m looking forward to evaluating these products and I will be posting initial thoughts on these as well as my full reviews in the near future.

Thanks to the folks at Woodees ( and MEElectronics ( for the samples.

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